Bandipur Tour

Bandipur is a small, authentic village/small town in Nepal. Bandipur is famous for its pure and natural surrounding and life style. It’s the complete package for anyone who is willing to spend the weekend in the lap of mother nature. This used to be a stop on the route to Tibet from Kathmandu. Originally a Magar town, the Newars from Kathmandu took over the place and got settled in Bandipur making it a Newar dominated village as it is now. With traditional-style built houses, rich in wooden architecture, this place also offers wonderful views of the magnificient mountains. Its one of the most popular tourist sites these days for scenic views and cultural experiences.

Things to do at Bandipur

Visit to Tundikhel:

Tundikhel is one big ground from where the scenic beauty of mountains and hills and Dumre bazar can be seen. You do not need anything else except a good company to enjoy there.

Walk around the Bandipur Bazaar:

Go around and see the wonderful wood carvings on door and windows of the traditionally built Newari house. It’s a live museum kind of town where you can see the elderly people dressed up in their traditional dresses and sitting in the sun.

Silk worm Factory visit:

There’s a silk production facility in Bandipur where they grow silk worms and extract silk threads.

Hike to Gurunche:

On top of Gurunche, there’s Thani Mai (goddess) temple. This place offers 360 view of the Himalayas. The visit is a must for spectacular views of Sunrise and Sunset.

Sideshowr/Siddha Gufa:

Believed to be the largest caves in Nepal, its over 4hrs walk to the North of Bandipur. Signposts direct you at each road intersections to get to the cave. Its home to 100s of bats and has amazing calcite formations inside. The entrance fee is NRs. 200 and make sure to take a flash light and non-slippery shoes with you.

Goat Farm:

There’s a goat farm nearby where you can see the Nepali way of farming goats. Try the goat milk.

Eat local:

As Bandipur is a Newari town, it offers plethora of options for foodies. Newari cuisine is rich in beans, beaten rice and Buff meat. Get a Newari thali. Try Samay Baji, Kachila (raw marinated buff meat), Choila (roasted buff meat) and Tho (rice beer).

Jatras and Feasts:

Newars celebrate Jatras (local festivals worshiping their deity) throughout the year. Every Jatra ends with Bhoj (feast) where they serve traditional Newari food. These jatras and bhoj are culturally mesmerizing and portray the Newari way of life. Ask a local for the time and place and they will be happy to invite you.